• Level 1


    1x points multiplier

  • Level 2


    1.25x points multiplier

  • Level 3


    1.5x points multiplier

Ways to Earn Points

    Redeem for Discounts

    Now the fun part!
    To redeem toward purchases in the exclusive shop, choose an amount below or simply redeem points directly at the cart page.

      Redeem on your next renewal

      Want to redeem your points on an upcoming renewal? Choose an option below to be automatically applied towards next month's bows.

        Ready to Join?

        Create an account to be automatically enrolled in Little Poppy Perks.
        Already have an account? You're automatically a perks member! Just log in to your account to view your status and access rewards.

        • How do I join Little Poppy Perks?
          Once you subscribe to Little Poppy Co. (meaning you have an active bow subscription), you’ll be automatically enrolled in Little Poppy Perks, and start earning points from your very first purchase.
        • What do I get for joining?
          All rewards members automatically start earning points on every purchase to spend at Little Poppy Co., plus get an annual birthday reward.
        • What does "lifetime spend" mean?
          Lifetime spend is the total amount of money you’ve spent at Little Poppy Co., less any discounts or refunds. Once you reach a new level, just spend a specified amount the following calendar year to maintain it (for Silver level it’s $50, for Gold level it’s $75 spend in the following calendar year to maintain that level).
        • How do I use my rewards?
          All you have to do is shop! All your rewards will be available to redeem at checkout. Rewards can be used toward future renewals or purchases in the exclusive shop. Rewards are only available to redeem at $5 increments, so you must have enough points for $5, $10, $15, etc. to redeem that amount.
        • Will my past Little Poppy Co. purchases count toward my rewards status?
          We’re starting fresh with the launch of our program, so only purchases made on or after 12/18/2019 will count toward your rewards status.
        • Have other questions?
          Email us at hello@littlepoppyco.com, and we'll get back to you ASAP!