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December 6 Month Subscription Gift Set

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Gift out of the box — give a 6 month bow subscription! It’s the perfect way to send your love month after month. 

Your sweet babe will receive our monthly bows each month for six months. The first package comes in a classic kraft gift box with a set of three festive December bows inside.  Along with the bows is a card with a redemption code and instructions on how to redeem their 6 month subscription. The subscription can be redeemed anytime. 


Pricing includes the boxed set of bows, plus the cost of the six month subscription and shipping costs.


Choose to ship to yourself to put under the tree, or send directly to the recipient.

If you want to send the gift directly to the recipient make sure to click "This is a gift" at checkout. You'll be able to add a gift message that will be mailed to the recipient with their gift. 

Gifts ship 1-4 business days from order placement. 



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